Friday, July 13, 2012

Skyrim Adventures | My First Giant Kill

We all remember our first encounter with a giant right? When you overestimated yourself and tried to take on the hulking monster three times your size? Well, in this post, I'm going to tell you the tragic and comedic story on how I slew my first giant.

Twas a bright sunny day. Birds were singing, butterflies were fluttering, and ugly giants were picking their noses. Several levels ago, when I was nothing more but a wee level 4 Imperial, I ran up to a giant and quite literally punched it. Not to be expected, I was knocked up high into the sky by one rather angry giant.

Several levels later, I felt more confident (and cautious) to take on these foes once again. I spotted a camp of two giants. Knowing I couldn't take one by itself, much less two, I focused one at a distance. My Nord Bow sending volleys after volleys of arrows into the giant's armored skin.

Of course, he didn't take well to my offense. He came charging after me. Like any smart-minded gamer, I ran on top of a large rock, knowing that the giant's wouldn't have enough scripting or programming to know how to attack me from that height. So he retreated behind a wall.

And so this process repeated. I would run out, fire arrows into this giant, and run back on top of the rock, launching at least an arrow or two into the giant before he hid behind his cover.

After fifteen tedious minutes of repeating this risky process, I finally managed to kill the giant. I ran on top of the rock again to make sure the remaining giant would run behind cover as he was scripted to do. I then dashed towards the fallen giant, and looted it of all its delicious monetary and giant's toe loot. Being in range of the other giant, he made a bull-rush towards me. Immediately picking up my reward, I ran for dear life.

And then I fell off a cliff while not watching where I was going and died. I respawned besides the giant camp, before my victory over the giant.

The end. Don't laugh.

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