Friday, June 29, 2012

Skyrim Adventures | Sleeping From a Dragon

I've recently purchased Skyrim and I've found so many things funny about Skyrim. Don't get me wrong, it's an amazing game. But some experiences are either too funny or fail-worthy to not be shared. Here, I will describe my first random dragon encounter.

So as I was strolling around the outskirts of Riverwood looking to for a good hunt of deer and wolves, a dragon flew above my head.

As you can probably imagine, the first time a dragon shows up, you've probably been a step away from pooping your pants.

Almost as soon as it appeared out of nowhere, it landed. Right in front of me.

I hadn't attacked it yet, and neither had the dragon, but I knew that wasn't going to take long to change. Before doing anything rash, I thought the best thing to do before making my character take any action was to save the game. Oh, what a mistake that was.

Immediately after, I pulled out a two-handed bladed and started chopping away at the dragon. It took barely any damage. In return, the dragon breathed fire towards me and stomped on me with his mighty limbs.

Reload last save. I try a different approach. I took some steps away and I drew my arrow. It scratched the dragon. Once it took off, my arrows only scratched the air. It blew fire on me and I died again.

Reload last save. I started to expend all my destructive spells upon the dragon (this included only my minor flame and shock spells, since they were my only destructive spells at the time). The dragon didn't like getting burned, even though it took only a little dragon. Again, it blew fire at me and I burned away within seconds.

After several similar tries with some alterations, I noticed that resistance is futile.

So then I tried to simply run away. But oh no. Apparently dragon fire can reach you through trees and boulders (because dragon fire is that awesome). I tried swimming for safety. It was then I realized dragon fire can also penetrate water!

Frustrated, I tried very hard to get away. I'd die many times and then respawn right beside the dragon due to my unwise save earlier.

But finally, the dragon got distracted on one of my attempts of escape. It flew towards a deer and burned it to a crisp. That deer's life wasn't in vain!

I ran towards Riverwood while the dragon was distracted. When it focused its attention on me again, I would hide behind large cover for it to waste its breath. I finally made it to Riverwood.

All the townspeople there were scrambling. The guards were running towards the gate. As I looked up, I could see the dragon still menacingly circling the small village.

So I did as any hero would do in my position. I ran into the Sleeping Giant Inn and slept. After feeling well rested, I exited the inn to see the villagers going around with their regular daily business, unharmed by a dragon.

I feel rather proud of myself. But next time, it shall be the dragon who will run in fear!

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