Wednesday, June 20, 2012

8 Reasons Why Google Rocks My Socks Off

Google Logo
So the average person uses Google as their main internet search engine and to use its electronic mail service, Gmail. Are you one of these people? Then you should really open yourself to the true potential of Google.

#1 - Google search engine is one of the most complex organizing systems that is delivered in such an easy-to-understand format, they basically spoon-feed you information.

The Google search engine is not just a search engine, it is (debatable but in my honest opinion) the best search engine on the net.

Some might not appreciate how much work this system works. When you type in a simple word like "cat" it searches through several hundred million web pages in about a fifth of a second and shows you the most relevant information.

#2 - A superior electronic mail service that always increases in size."

Well, the amount of storage we get really doesn't increase in significant amounts, but over time, the total adds up.

Gmail is also very efficient in sending and receiving emails. Some might take it for granted, but an email sent from Gmail will likely take less than a minute for the receiver to receive it. Other services may take anywhere between 10 minutes to a few days just for the mail to be sent.

#3 - Picasa, an awesome way to save your photos online.

Picasa is a Google feature that allows you to keep a lot of your pictures online (privately or not) and allows you to open them up anywhere you have internet.

Storage space is limited to free users, but pricing is still fair if you'd like to upgrade. I keep my service at a basic free level, because that's all everyone will likely ever need.

#4 - Access to Google Drive, a service that works very similarly to the cloud drive.

Google has recently released a new feature called the Google Drive. This program allows you to store virtually any electronic file on the Drive and allow you to open it somewhere else.

It makes bringing around documents and entertainment media around so much easier. And with 5 gigs of storage on a free level, the average computer user might as well backup all their important documents on here.

#5 - They own Youtube.

This really isn't significant, but since Google does own Youtube, Google users can find some benefits and useful perks when making and maintaining a Youtube presence.

#6 - A free and outstandingly easy to comprehend blogging service.

If you have an interest to start blogging or writing your thoughts online, why not get started with Google's Blogger service?

It's absolutely free, and its database is full of helpful information on how to get started with your blog, how to maintain your blog, and even how to earn some revenue from your blog. Just look at this blog. Proudly another Blogger blog.

And did I mention it's free?

#7 - From the barbaric Facebook ages, we now enter an era of Google+, be far the most effective and useful social media site.

There used to be a time where the general populace were a barbaric people, screaming and trolling each other on a useless and mindless site named Facebook. But those days are passed as civilization enter a new age of sophistication. Now we enter the age of Google+.

Google+ works like Facebook, yet it is several hundred times better than Facebook. You can still share some funny meme you found or chat with with your friends on Google+. It's just that Google+ has an astoundingly simple way to control privacy (Google Circles), and allows users to chat face to face with up to nine other people online (Google Hangouts).

This is also a great way to meat new people without exposing your personal and private life to the public.

Google+ dawns upon us the new evolution phase of social networking.

#8 - Easy to get started with any Google service.

All of these above services (and much more) are free, and can easily be accessed with pretty much any Google account you have. So if you have an old Gmail account lying around, why not get started now with all the wondrous things that Google has to offer?


  1. You guys are ridiculous! Yahoo is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than that piece of crap they call "Google"! Yahoo goes through billions of web pages in a millionth of a second! Yahoo has Yahoo Maps, way better than Google Maps, YahooTube, way better than YouTube, Yahoo+, way better than Google+, Ymail, way better than Gmail, Yahoo Drive, way better than Google Drive, Yahoo Play, way better than Google Play, Yahoo Glass, Yahoo News, and more! Anyone on here who says Google is better than Yahoo is a completer troll!

    1. umm, actually i have to disagree. AND SO DOES EVERYONE ON THE WHOLE INTERNET. because, everything u just said, is wut yahoo copied on google. geez and yahoo is worse. plus, if i were to get to yahoo, i would use google.

    2. but i wouldn't. because yahoo SUCKS...............

  2. I am thankful for small mercies. i click google search button on my phone and say "wake me up at seven in the morning". it sets my alarm and is closed...