Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Bank of Hate, How Kind and Hateful Actions Affect the World

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I see the happiness of the world represented by a bank. A big bank that cashes in on kindness and out from hate. A bank that can throw the people's mood into a golden boom or a deep recession.

Whenever there is a deficit of kindness to hate, the world is mad. Whenever there is a surplus of kindness, the world is happier.

I feel that the world changed from occasionally having a small deficit to a small surplus, to a huge deficit that just keeps going deeper and deeper in the negatives. If this trend were to continue, then it would be impossible to be able to recover from it. In fact, we're already on the verge of collapsing!

A smile adds a penny to the bank, but swearing at someone deducts five cents. It takes a lot to make a happy day, but just a little to make a day suck.

Social media and mobiles are definitely negatively affecting the bank. Say the average American teen goes home and writes on her Facebook wall about how stupid her boyfriend is for breaking up with her. 142 of her friends will see that post. 130 will simply ignore it. 12 loyal friends will try to cheer her up. They've just added about 13 cents to the bank.

Now, the boyfriend sees this and rights an insulting comment in return. The ex also returns an insult. Suddenly, the teenage girl's 12 friends and her are having a heated fight with the teenage guy and 12 of his friends.

Out of nowhere, everyone is fighting each other, with no-one giving up their position. Every hateful comment deducts five cents from the bank. While the fight is going on, the friends around the two simply become sad to see their friends fighting. This deducts from the bank as well.

So what can you do?

Things like this is pretty much a hopeless cause. There's really no point to interfering, as you'll probably get dragged into the argument yourself.

The biggest contribution a person can make is to not be affected by all these everyday negative things and to not be negative to anyone as well, no matter how tempting it is. This will prevent the bank from deducting anything because of you.

Every action is infectious. A smile can pass from one person to another, and this smile has the power to inspire people to do great things. Hate acts very much in the same way, but instead inspires others to hate as well.

Every contribution to the bank counts. So when the next time your buddy gives you a tired sigh, just smile and shake it off.

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